Virtual Brazil: Soccer - É Futebol!

The legendary Pele once called soccer “the beautiful game.” With an incredible record of victories (World Cup 2002, the 7th Americas Cup in 2004) and the skill and accomplishments of its players, Brazilian soccer is indeed a beautiful sport.

Few things inspire as much national pride, passion, or rivalry among Brazilians as soccer, or futebol in Portuguese (say FOO-chee-bawl). No wonder the world’s largest soccer stadium is the Maracaná in Rio de Janeiro!

From world class scorers like Pele (1,220 goals between 1956 and 1974!) to today’s heroes like Ronaldo soccer stars have become some of the Brazil’s most beloved ambassadors.

Devotion to teams in the Brazilian soccer league is fierce; millions of fans wear team shirts and gather to cheer their favorites in stadiums and bars around the country. One of Rio de Janeiro’s four soccer clubs, Flamengo boasts the largest fan base (over 25 million!) but its best not to mention that to your friends who love Fluminense, Botafogo, or Vasco…

Since we’d prefer not to stir up any ill will or competition on your visit to Virtual Brazil, we’ll refrain from telling you whom we cheer for, and suggest that you visit some great sites to find your favorite team.

Alex Bellos and Ian Campbell have put together a fantastic and comprehensive resource at Futebol, The Brazilian Way of Life.

We also recommend this fan site on the Brazilian National Team

Want to practice your Portuguese and get up-to-date news on games and scores from Brazil, visit the official site of the Confederation of Brazilian Soccer (CBF).