The Buzz: What The Professionals Are Saying

Top bar and restaurant owners, Sommeliers, and spirits connoisseurs are buzzing about Beleza Pura® Super Premium Cachaça and our portfolio of handcrafted, aged Cachaças…

“Great Products.
Every restaurant, bar & retail outlet must have Beleza Pura® & Absinto Camargo.”
Steve Olson, aka Wine Geek, Wine & Spirits Author, consultant, celebrity

“An amazing portfolio (of cachaças), these are world class.”
Dale DeGroff, Master Mixologist & Author, King of Cocktails

“They are wonderful and who knew Cachaca had such a range.”
Tony Abou-Ganim, The Modern Mixologist

“These are more like a refined Tequila than to any Rum, great portfolio.”
Nick Mautone, Author, Raising the Bar, Restaurant Consultant.

“I’m very impressed, each one is very different”
Laurence Kretchmer, Owner, Mesa Grill & Bolo, NYC

“I’ve tasted Cachaca before, but they were never like this. These are world class, delightful.”
Jerri Banks, Author; Wine, Spirits & Mixology consultant, NYC

“Perfect purity…” Reviewing Beleza Pura® Cachaca
Paul Pacult, The Spirit Journal, March 05

“Wow, Very Smooth” after tasting Beleza Pura
Bobby Flay, Chef/Owner Mesa Grill & Bolo- NYC

“Really Superior Spirits, we are going to create a Caipirinha list for the summer.”
Jonathan Spadafora, Borgata Resort & Casino, Atlantic City, NJ

“We’re going to have a lot of fun making cocktails with these great products.”
Michael Waterhouse and John Mautone, owners Dylan Prime

“Every product is superb, really great quality.”
Andre Compeyre, Sommelier, ALAIN DUCASSE, NYC

“Beleza Pura® is amazingly rich for a white spirit, it’s excellent.”
Tim Kopec, Sommelier, Veritas, NYC

“Good Luck teaching America about cachaça, they need to taste to believe.”
Michael Greenly, Sommelier Gotham Bar & Grill, NYC

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