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USA Today – “Raising cane on the bar scene”

Jerry Shriver

Now that bar-hoppers have developed a taste for brain-numbing Brazilian cocktails such as caipirinhas, the stage is set to take that country’s sugar-cane-based spirits further upscale.

Several Brazilian rums, most notably Ten Cane, have already hit the market this summer, touting the fact that they’re distilled from the first pressing of pure sugar-cane juice, instead of the more common molasses. Now, a similar move is being made by a close relative of rum, cachaca (ka-SHAH-suh), also distilled from first-pressed sugar-cane juice. Previously imported cachaca was pretty rough stuff; now it’s getting much better and pricier, thanks to small-batch and long-aged versions.

Excalibur Enterprises has begun to import seven elite cachacas to major East Coast markets and is expanding nationally. Among their offerings are Beleza Pura® (about $28 retail), and 5- and 12-year-old versions from Rochinha ($38 and $80, respectively), which are meant to be sipped.”

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