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This Just In – “Raves about Super Premium Cachaça”

“The next spirit category poised to ignite is cachaça. Watch for the unaged super premium BELEZA PURA…. ”

“The caipirinha…has supplanted the mojito. The sad news is…you’ve been pretty much drinking swill… cachaça has only been imported in its cheapest of forms. That’s all changing, thanks to Olie Berlic, a NY based sommelier who wants to raise the cachaça bar…”

“How good is good cachaça? … a sommelier … made it his mission to find out… Three years and 800 cachaças later, returned home to launch his Excalibur line of Cachaças…”
Forbes FYEye

“… Excalibur, is bringing Beleza Pura® as well as single barrel and aged varieties GRM, Rochinha and Armazem Vieira.”

“We particularly liked the lovely BELEZA PURA… GRM…highly recommended… Armazem Vieira and Rochinha… exotic and delightful.”
Wine & Spirits

“BELEZA PURA : Perfect purity”
The Spirit Journal

“The caipirinha’s raw materials are getting an upgrade…BELEZA PURA (’pure beauty’ from São Paulo)…is so pure it banishes those caipirinha headaches to spring breaks past.”
Hamptons Cottages and Gardens

“…There is a HUGE difference in Cachaça. BELEZA PURA SUPER PREMIUM CACHAÇA not only packs the complex taste into a perfect package, but it is the smoothest Cachaça we have ever tasted…”
The Walman Report

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