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Santé: Hybrid and New Spirits

Robert Plotkin
Sante Consumption of distilled spirits is at a five-year high, with no evidence of letup in sight. Many spirits enthusiasts not only are embracing the classic brands and styles, but are also seeking out new tastes, often present in cocktails made from an ever-increasing and dazzling medley of ingredients. To capitalize on these trends, suppliers have concocted a genuinely innovative and exciting generation of original spirits. For lack of industry parlance, we’re calling the contemporary hybrid spirits, and they’re likely to change the way we view once-conventional product categories….

On the off chance that you might have missed the initial fanfare surrounding their introduction, here are some of the boldest, most promising new spirits and liqueurs-guaranteed to grace your backbar.

Cachaça- The next spirits category poised to ignite is cachaça, a Brazilian spirit distilled from sugarcane… watch for the unaged superpremium Beleza Pura….


Reviewed by the Santé tasting panel.

Beleza Pura

40% alcohol
Clean, balanced, and tangy with vibrant lemon-lime flavors that persist through to the finish. With fruit juices and solda water. Excalibur Enterprise,

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