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Santé – “Crazy Cane Juice Called Cachaca”

Considering that Brazilians consume over a billion liters of cachaca annually, the spirit is a relative newcomer to the American backbar. Distilleries sprung up during the slave trade days, turning out the potent elixir from fermented raw sugarcane juice; it was both bartered for slaves and employed to keep the peace among the disenfranchised. Cachaca later became the darling drink of the Brazilian elite, but it remained almost an unknown spirit to North Americans.In the past few years, high-quality products have trickled ashore into the US marketplace, however, with importers introducing cachaca into high-end restaurant bars in traditional caipirinhas and mixologist-designed drinks. The Brazilian high-octane staple is now roiling the waters and making many friends. Santé’s review covers all the current brands we could muster, but new products are arriving on our shores every month.

Armazem Vieira
Esmerelda Brazilian Rum /Santa Catarina, Brazil
Smooth on the palate with pleasing heat; good, focused flavors of lime/citrus in the finish. Santé Gold Star Award Winner

Aged 5 Years Single Barrel

Brazilian Rum / Brazil
41% alcohol
Light, sweet aromas and flavors of vanilla and toasty oak surround a core of citrus and apple; good complexity; long, clean finish.

Minas Gerais
Aged 2 Years GRM, Small batch, Artesian Cachaca /Brazil

41% alcohol
Smooth and elegant with flavors of citrus and cucumber mingling with oak; oak dominates the finish.

Beleza Pura
Super Premium Cachaca /Brazil

Lovely nose of citrus, cucumber and white pepper; excellent concentration of flavors, good structure, and clean citrus and white pepper in the finish. Santé Gold Star Award Winner

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