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Playboy – “Drink of the Week”

James Oliver Cury

Our cachaca reviewed in PlayboyIf you’re wondering what the next big thing will be at your trendy neighborhood bar, you’d be wise to keep your eye on the caipirinha — a Brazilian treat made with crushed lime, sugar and cachaça (a Brazilian rum pronounced kah-SHAH-sah). For years, this drink has been touted as the logical successor to the mojito, but cachaça isn’t exactly on every bar shelf yet. While Brazil is said to have more than 5,000 different brands of the stuff, the United States carries only a handful of bottles. That’s slowly changing. One of the newest and most impressive entrants in the market is Beleza Pura® from Excalibur Enterprise.

Cachaça is often compared to rum, and every bottle imported in the USA has to carry a label that says “Brazilian Rum.” But there are differences: Rum can be made of molasses; cachaça is made from sugarcane juice. Beleza Pura® is a clear, un-aged product that’s made to be consumed in cocktails. It is not designed to compete with aged rums, sipping rums or other digestifs. That said, you could drink it on the rocks and be very very happy: the 80-proof spirit is wonderfully smooth, not too sweet, a tad earthy and a little smoky.

The story doesn’t end there. Cachaça can be used in dozens of cocktails and in all likelihood will be soon — especially when paired with pineapple or orange. Other cachaças (some aged) are also stepping up their distribution. So while summer may have ended, look for rum cocktails to continue to flourish.

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