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NY Daily News: Waxing Brazilian

Laura J. Vogel

NY Daily NewsLatin American country & culture take Manhattan

The sizzling fashion, piquant cuisine, potent cocktails, and, yes, radiant models like Gisele Bündchen have made Brazil the talk of the town… Without a doubt, the South American country of Brazil is hot…..

Many Brazilians have made New York their adopted home (and many trend-setting Americans adore traveling to Brazil). There are several hundred thousand Brazilians in the city…

Samba in the city
You can feel tall and tan and young and lovely - even when it is chilly and gray and wintry …

What to Drink
Cachaça, the national spirit of Brazil, has been made since 1510, since Brazilian sugarcane workers discovered fermentation of the sugar juice. It is akin to rum, but, while most rum makers use blackstrap molasses in their production, there is a law that states that cachaça is a distillate made from sugarcane, says Olie Berlic, a New York-based importer of high-quality cachaça. Our cachaça producers own their own sugar plantations and gently crush the stalks, to not make it bitter, than add yeast to ferment, and distill it in the same manner as Cognac.

The refreshingly potent caipirinha is Brazils top cocktail; this recipe is courtesy of Berlic:

Take 1 lime, wash it well, cut it into 4 equal pieces, and place it in a sturdy rocks glass. Add 2 tablespoons sugar. Muddle the sugar and lime, releasing the lime juice, but not crushing too hard. Fill the glass with ice. Add 2 ounces of Beleza Pura® Cachaça, and shake, shake, shake! Or samba, samba samba! says Berlic.

To find outlets for his cachaças, go to Sushi Samba [245 Park Avenue S., 212-475-9377] makes incredible caipirinhas, adds Berlic.

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