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New York Post – “Summer’s sexiest are icy, spicy, and sweet”

Cynthia Kilian

Caviar and Banana, 12 E. 22nd St., between Broadway and Park Avenue South; (212) 353-0500

How can you improve on a caipirinha? By shaking it up with boutique cachaça and a nip of jalapeño.

I had to be coaxed to try this specialty of Jeffrey Chodorow’s Brazilian eatery. But the generous pour hooked me from the first sip.

Its melange of lime chunks, ice cubes and jalapeño rings nicely, balancing the barely sweet tartness.

Beleza Pura® super premium cachaca provides the hint of the smokiness, and the pepper tempered by a touch of sweetness lends a stealthy zap of lip-tingling heat.

Counter the drink’s kick with a flaky, thin-crusted Brazilian pizza topped with air-dried beef, white cheese and truffle oil.

SIP TIP: The waitstaff dancing to perky Brazilian music makes it feel like a party.

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