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Mixology magazine from Germany “Neu! International”

Neu InternationalBeleza Pura® Cachaça received a write-up in the German mixology magazine “Neu! International.”

Translated from the original German:

The Master Blender Olie Belic, a former New York sommelier, spent three years intensively researching and testing of over 800 different varieties of Brazilian Cachaca before creating Beleza Pura® (translated as: “Pure beauty”) in 2004.

I wanted to show the world that Brazil produces world-class spirits.

Produce from naturally-fermented sugar cane, the mash is distilled only once, in order to preserve its essence. Cold distillate is then filtered directly on the spot for bottling.

This premium product from Sao Paulo is handmade to be pure, on ice, with tonic or as an ingredient classy cocktails enjoyed.

Beleza Pura® Cachaca is available in the USA and New Zealand and is scheduled to reach the European Market in 2008.


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