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Men’s Journal – “The Brazilian Invasion”

Michael Slenske

Men’s Journal Article on Cachaca From the Men’s Journal article:
“Despite being the world’s third-most consumed spirit, behind vodak and soju, Brazilian cachaça (ka-CHA-sa) — the sugarcane-based liquor in caipirinhas — is best known as headache-inducing firewater. But now, inspired by tequila’s evolution to the top shelf, distillers are creating small-batch and aged cachaças.

They taste like a hybrid of rum and scotch and can be sipped neat, on the rocks with a twist of lime, or in smoother tasting cocktails. To find the best of this recent crop, we held a blind taste test, and included some classic cachaças. Tasters were Paul Tanguay, beverage director at the Brazilian-Japanese restaurant chain SushiSamba, and Dushan Zaric and Jason Kosmas, owners of the popular New York City bar Employees Only.”

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