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Globo Rural: Marvadas Chiques

Luis Roberto ToledoGlobo RuralThey aren’t simple pingas. Artisan, made from choice cane, aged and purified in wooden barrels. And now more than ever, they are in style: these are high quality cachaças.

Barra Mansa in Rio de Janeiro has been the home of Rochinha for 103 years. The “Special Reserve,” aged five years in cherry wood barrels and is exported to the US, and won the Double Gold prize among some of the world’s best spirits. Average Price: R$ 35 (15 USD)

Already distinguished by its packaging, GRM (Global Refined Flavor) is distilled in Araguari, Minas Gerais passes through a two-year aging process, migrating from jequitibá-rose, umburana, and carvalho (barrels). The Bronze is aged in jequitibá only, preserving more of the flavor of sugarcane. Prices range from $R150-135 (62-65 USD)

An icon in Florianopolis, the Armazem Vieira bar makes its own cachaças in the town of Antônio Carlos, Santa Catarina. There, they rest in araribá barrels: the Onix is aged 16 years, Terra, 12 years, Rubi, eight, Tradicional, 6, Esmeralda, 4, and Safire, 2. Prices range from $R25 (10 USD, Safire) to $R205 - (85 USD, Onix)

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