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Four Seasons Magazine: “Latin Reserves: Tropical Liquor gets an Upgrade”

By Ramin GaneshramCachaça: Once noted for its raw, high-octane taste, cachaça was Brazil’s most popular downmarket drink, selling for $1 to $3 a bottle. Today entrepreneurs like Olie Berlic of Beleza Pura® are experimenting with both process and ageing, using uunsual rainforests woods like Brazilian oak, umbarana, and balsam to create complex wood-toned flavours. Boutique versions leave behind a sweet sugary nose followed by an intense warmth and offer berry, caramel, cinnamon, and olive qualities. These can top out at $400 per bottle. The best brands of cachaça include Beleza Pura, Rochinha, and GRM. Look out for the São Paulo Cosmo from Olie Berlic, a version of the popular Cosmopolitan using Beleza Pura® instead of vodka and POM (pomegranate juice) in lieu of cranberry.

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