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Esquire – “How to Barbecue Like a Brazilian”

Beth Greenfield

…AND WHAT TO DRINK WHILE YOU DO. You may have noticed that the caipirinha-Brazil’s potent cocktail of cachaça, muddled sugar, and lime juice-has supplanted the mojito. The sad news is if you’ve been drinking these things stateside, you’ve pretty much been sipping swill. Blame it on the crappy cachaça, an 80-proof liquor derived from distilled sugarcane that, despite being sold under thousands of brands in Brazil, has been imported to the U.S. only in its cheapest forms. That’s all changing, thanks to Olie Berlic, a New York-based sommelier who wants to raise the cachaça bar. Berlic ( imports seven premium Cachaças to restaurants and liquor stores throughout New York, Connecticut, and Florida, with plans for rapid expansion. So blast the Bebel, slip on your Havaianas, and savor one of the upgraded offerings, from the basic Beleza Pura, perfect for caipirinhas, to a smoky 12-year-old Rochinha that’s just too good to be mixed.

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