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Beverage Media – “White Spirits”

Pameladevi Govinda

America’s love affair with vodka won’t be ending anytime soon. Accounting for 27% of all spirit volume sales in 2004, vodka showed a 3.5% hike among value brands and 38.1% in the super premium category. Yet despite the vodka times we live in, we’re also seeing new high-end white spirits emerge. Mixologists are embracing a range of unique clear-spirits that offer more character to their cocktails…

Stretch, the head bartender at China Grill in Miami, said found LVMH’s new rum had a very similar taste profile to another white spirit he has grown found of - the Brazilian Cachaça. However, as with 10 Cane, quality is key and he pours top-notch Cachaças imported by Excalibur Enterprise.

He supports, “We now have super premiums on the market like Beleza Pura. That is my hands down favorite cachaça. Again, its made with the first press of pure high quality sugar cane juice and it works really well in our drinks, including one of our top sellers, a mix of Beleza Pura, Grand Marnier, a splash of OJ, freshly squeezed lime juice and sweet and sour mix.”

Olie Berlic, the CEO of Excalibur Enterprise explains why his cachaças are so special, “Cachaça offers an incredible diversity of products. There are large producers that fill a price driven niche and there are small producers that are driven by quality.” Beleza Pura® is a clean, super-quality product made from the best sugar cane. He also imports a range of cachaças that include the copper still method, a Solera-like system of aging and different barrel applications, from native Brazilian oak to used oak barrels that had previously aged Scotch.

According to Olie, 2005 will see the rise of the Caipirinha, a thoroughly refreshing libation made with muddled lime, sugar, and cachaça. He says, “Everybody’s been talking about Caipirinhas for years but I think this is the year for it, The Borgata in Atlantic City is planning to have a whole list of variations on the Caipirinha on offer this year.”

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