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Bartender Magazine – “Spirits Explained: Cachaça”

George Delgado

No Summertime cocktail menu would be complete without the Mojito and the Caipirinha. The Mojito made with rum, the Caipirinha made with Cachaça…what’s the difference? Isn’t Cachaça Brazilian rum? We’ll, there is a world of a difference.

Cachaça (pronounced Ka-shah-sah) is the Brazilian spirit made from the juice of the sugar cane. Cachaça became famous as the main ingredient in the Caipirinha. The Caipirinha, served in a tumbler with sugar, muddled lime wedges and crushed ice, has become the national beverage of Brazil….

Most cachaça’s are over proof, usually in the 86 range, but they can be as low as 70, which allows for more of the cane flavor to come through…and sometimes for more impurities as well. If you sip an inferior cachaça strait, you best have a tall glass of water nearby to extinguish the fire in your mouth and throat….

Unfortunately, many corners are cut during production when there is quick money to be made with a spirit, especially when American dollars are on the line. This usually results in the American consumer becoming familiar with the lower end, inferior spirits first. Fortunately, there are those producers who actually care about their indigenous spirit and want the world to know and experience their products as they should be. I recently tasted a Cachaça from Brazil and a rum from Trinidad that literally brings the two worlds of the sugar cane together by the very nature of their quality.

Beleza Pura® is a new, super-premium Cachaça from Brazil. The colorless spirit, pronounced Beh-lay-zuh poorah, starts with a slightly smoky note on the nose that does not reappear on the palate giving way to the fresh essence of the sugar cane. This 80 proof spirit captures what we love about Cachaça while leaving the harsh impurities in Brazil….

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