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Pure Beauty: The spirit is Cachaça

From Brazil with love, Beleza Pura® will arrive in Europe early 2008

New York, Nov 2007 – “Beleza Pura® Super Premium Cachaça was created with a passion to be
pure, to avoid hangovers, and be true to the sugarcane spirit without tweaking or adding sugar. The Caipirinha was created so that we wouldn’t have to be making drinks ALL night.” says Olie Berlic, award-winning sommelier, and creator of the first super-premium, un-aged cachaça and caipirinha ready to drink, with Beleza Pura® Cachaça and Caipirinha. The importer, who introduced North America in 2004 to the finest Cachaças of Brazil, and internationally to New Zealand, is finally working his way to Europe. He aims to show that Brazil not only offers beautiful women and soccer players, but also passionately handcrafted, world-class spirits in a bottle.

So what is this cachaça ‘ka-SHAH-sa’?” Often compared to rum, which uses molasses, a by-product of sugar refineries - Cachaça uses fresh sugarcane juice to ferment and distill the libation. It is the third most-consumed distilled spirit in the world with over 5,000 brands in Brazil and the main ingredient in Brazil’s national concoction, the Caipirinha pronounced ‘kie-pee-REEN-ya’ (crushed or muddled lime with sugar and Cachaça - a barman’s favorite cocktail when customers are 4 deep at the bar). The drink has appeared on top cocktail lists from Berlin to Tokyo and is becoming ‘The Cocktail’ for the next few decades.

But, let the buyer beware - not all cachaças are created equally. A handcrafted, quality driven product must be pure - a lower quality or price driven cachaça will always add sugar after distillation to mask the toxic imperfections. Fine, truly crafted spirits should not be sweet in the finish; it is this difference that speaks volumes for the subtleties of this inimitable liquor. Much like the difference between low-end tequila and a top shelf 100% blue agave version. Beleza Pura, imported by Excalibur may be one of the only cachaças in the world market that do not add sugar.

Berlic, a former NYC Sommelier, acted as a Master Blender and spent three years of intense research in Brazil tasting well over 800 different Cachaças before creating his own. He states, “I wanted to demonstrate to the world that Brazil is capable of producing world class spirits, and that was the beginning of a fascinating journey”. His new journey to get the word out is underway, receiving more non-paid editorial press than probably any other rum in the past decade in the U.S. market - over 90 articles and many awards seem to say, he’s well on his way.

Beleza Pura® Super Premium Cachaça from Sao Paulo state was created in 2004 with a passion to be ‘Pure Beauty’ as the name translates, to avoid hangovers, and be true to the sugarcane spirit. This handcrafted liquor is made with only the best ‘estate grown’ sugarcane, which is crushed, allowed to ferment naturally with wild yeast then distilled once to capture the essence, lightly cold filtered and bottled at the source. And purity has its rewards - Beleza Pura® Cachaça won Gold at the 2007 World Beverage Competition; 2007 Gold Star of Exceptional Merit, Santé; recognized as one of the Top 50 Hottest Spirits by The Wine Enthusiast 2007; Silver in the 2007 International Cane Festival and 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Made to be enjoyed straight on the rocks, with tonic and in top shelf cocktails like the classic caipirinha, a twist - white pepper basil caipirinha, and exotic libations like ‘The Golden Era’ made with Punta e Mes, Maraschino Liqueur and dash of orange and peach bitters. The classic caipirinha calls for an unaged cachaça to keep the juicy lime flavors clean, refreshing and not too sweet.

Beleza Pura® Caipirinha is “Make Me Happy Now!” It took Berlic over 2 and half years to make this with pure lime, sugarcane and top shelf Beleza Pura® - all natural ingredients and 44 proof - a real cocktail with a perfect balance of sweet and sour, but not too sweet… No need to twist and smash, JUST ADD ICE and a wedge of lime for good measure. Taste for yourself, you can’t help but smile and think of the beach as soon as you taste a great caipirinha; two of them you begin to learn how to samba; third and beyond you suddenly find yourself speaking Portuguese. Abraços a todos (hugs to all!)

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