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Olie Berlic Interviewed in Total Beverage’s DRINKS Magazine

Total Beverage’s “DRINKS” Magazine (”The Magazine of Fine Wine, Spirits & Living”) interviewed Beleza Pura’s Olie Berlic for their article “The Rio Deal (Cachaca, Brazil’s Vibrant National Spirit, Could Be the Next Big Thing).” Here’s a snippet from that article:

Riding the Wave
Olie Berlic was one of the first Americans to take cachaça seriously. Armed with a sommelier’s background and a sense of adventure, he tasted more than 800 different versions in Brazil over a threeyear period, finally settling on a source of sugar cane, a distillery, and a recipe for his new brand, Beleza Pura. Berlic describes his cachaça in terms that might sound familiar to wine connoisseurs. “I was looking for fresh sugar cane flavors in the mouth,” he says, “and a long, clean finish.” Beleza Pura is indeed pure: It’s made from 100 percent cane juice, and no chemicals are used to speed fermentation, unlike large-scale cachaças. “Cachaça should not be sweet,” Berlic asserts, acknowledging that confusion with rum leads even some expert spirits nosers to expect a sweetness on the palate. “It’s all about quality: bouquet, mouthfeel, flavors, and finish.” The cachaça wave has created a tide of opportunity for spirits entrepreneurs.

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