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Secrets for the Perfect Caipirinha

Cutting limes for Caipirinhas:

  1. wash and dry
  2. cut off the ends
  3. cut length wise and in half
  4. remove the white vein (pith) in the middle of the lime with a V-cut
  5. cut into eighths

Proper muddling technique w/ limes:
Key is to use mild pressure and a twisting motion to release the juice in the flesh, not to crush the skin. Muddle with 3-5 strokes maximum. The skin of lime is high in oils, these oils are high in turpenes (very bitter); so when too much oil is released, the cocktail becomes bitter - a little bit is fine, a lot is medicinal.

Muddling with other fruits
Use more pressure when muddling strawberry, watermelon, kiwi, or any other fruits used without the peel; aim to produce a thick pulp. The goal is to release the juices in order to blend the flavor with the Cachaça and sugar.

Fast Service Preparation

  1. line up as many glasses as possible
  2. add ½ lime and 2 tbsp sugar in each, cover w/ plastic wrap or wet cloth
  3. upon order, muddle (3-5 strokes, 3 seconds max)
  4. add ice, 2 oz Beleza Pura® and shake
  5. begin production line-up for service

*The key is to ensure that the limes do not sit long after muddling.

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