Beleza Pura® Caipirinha – Pure Beauty Kudos

  • “Hottest New Imports: Beleza Pura’s premixed Caipirinhas are so good they’re stocked at Nobu in New York City”
    • Food & Wine
  • “…the drink you’d bust out when you don’t have time to muddle limes…”
    • Liquor Snob
  • “This cool refreshing drink is easy to make when you buy the pre-made Caipirinha…”
    • TLC’s Carmindy
  • “The best cocktail I’ve ever tasted out of a bottle, great balance of sweet and sour.”
    • Michel Couvreux, Sommelier, Le Bernardin, NYC
  • “Amazing product! Our customers love it.”
    • Michael Berkoff, owner Bev Max, CT & NY.
  • “95 out of 100 people who taste this start smiling”
    • Olie Berlic, creator

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Beleza Pura® Caipirinha