Beleza Pura® Cachaça – Pure Beauty Kudos

Top professionals know, and the press definitely has some great taste - the subject of over 90 articles in 3 years.

  • “Perfect Purity…I really like Beleza Pura® for my homemade caipirinhas”
    • F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Authority, from The Spirit Journal & The Wine Enthusiast
  • we particularly liked the lovely BELEZA PURA….”
    • Wine & Spirits
  • “Perfect for caipirinhas”
    • Men’s Journal
  • “For a more refined taste, try Beleza Pura. The smooth palate and bright sugarcane character are a perfect mix.”
    • Vibe
  • “High-quality cachaça”
  • “Wow, that’s smooth”
  • “This cachaça is so pure it banishes those caipirinha headaches…a mojito is an entry-level Mercedes, a caipirinha is a brand new Ferrari - faster, sexier and with more horse-power.”
    • Hamptons cottages & Gardens
  • Playboy Rating“Beleza Pura® is a clear, un-aged product that’s made to be consumed in cocktails. That said, you could drink it on the rocks and be very very happy… wonderfully smooth, a tad earthy and a little smoky.”
    • Playboy
  • “Excellent”
  • “Amazing”
  • “Like a high end ‘silver’ tequila”
  • “Wonderful”
  • “Lovely nose of citrus, cucumber, and white pepper; excellent concentration of flavors, good structure, and clean citrus and white pepper in the finish”
    • Santé
  • “There is a HUGE difference in Cachaça. Beleza Pura® not only packs the complex taste…but it is the smoothest Cachaça we have ever tasted…”
    • The Walman Report
  • “…snappy, accessible, unaged cachaça, right for making caipirinhas, adding mojo to your mojito or turning summer nights into carnaval…”
    • NY Newsday
  • “…the fresh essence of the sugar cane”
    • Bartender Magazine

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