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Beleza Pura Super Premium Cachaça

It’s All About the Love.

“Beleza Pura® Un-Aged Cachaça” was created after 3 years research, to be a pure and clean spirit; capturing the essence of fresh sugarcane, rich in flavor and low in impurities. One of the finest white spirits ever created; offering a rich bouquet of fresh cut sugarcane, round and soft in the mid-palate with hints of citrus and cucumber; and a long, clean finish with notes of white pepper spice.

The Pure Beauty Difference

  1. Base ingredient: The best, fresh, estate grown sugarcane
    It is here that everything begins, as we only use sugarcane from two special areas on the plantation, which provide the best cane juice and is then crushed within 24 hours of being cut. Most producers buy cachaça in ‘bulk’ and then re-distill, blend and/or age in wood - generally, when you buy product in bulk, providence is a question, you are not getting the best product…and price is always an issue.
  2. Fermentation: Fresh sugarcane juice is allowed to ferment naturally with wild yeast (providing additional character and flavors).
    Our fermentation can take up to 36 hours. Many producers speed fermentation with bread yeast, corn meal or cereal, time is money…
  3. Distillation: Beleza Pura® Cachaça is once distilled for maximum flavor.
    After years of research, we chose a short, inefficient column still instead of the alembic or pot still in order to control secondary components and purity. The spirit comes off the still at 48-52% alcohol by volume, whereas most rums come off the still between 65-90%+ alc/vol., which continues to remove flavor. As we discovered, alembic stills a.k.a. copper pot stills, are wonderful, but with an un-aged spirit, once distilled, even with strong separation of ‘heads and tails’, still left the spirit high in secondary components, especially copper; and twice distilled lowered the copper, but also stripped flavors and required strong filtration.
  4. The Perfect Blend
    Olie Berlic (an award winning sommelier) created this cuvee from two areas sugarcane distillate kept separate through production - then blended into stainless-steel tanks prior to filtration and bottling.
    This combination of distillates took the spirit to a level of balance not experienced in any individual batch. The whole became sophisticated, much greater than the sum of its parts…
  5. Filtration - We love flavor and we got our distillation right the first time.
    We lightly cold filter and then bottle; maximizing flavor and true sugarcane character.
    Newer cachaças talk about multi filtration and multi distillation - promoting cachaça/vodka. Generally, you only re-distill and filter multiple times when you begin with a low quality spirit or are making a spirit to be neutral. What is the point? Do we need more flavored vodkas?
  6. To Tweak? We are puritanical, separating us from 99%+ of cachaça producers.
    No sugar, no citric acid, nothing is added! A fact that speaks volumes about our quality.
    Most Cachaça is tweaked. Sad, but true, known as the distillers ’shortcut to greatness’; it involves, after distillation, adding sugar, glycerin, citric acid, essential oils and other flavoring ingredients to give the product a softer and rounder mouth feel, to cover the burn from lower quality, and add flavor since most was stripped during distillation and filtration. Brazilian regulations allow Cachaça producers, to add up to 6 grams of sugar per liter.

What Causes Hangovers?

  1. Amount of alcohol consumed
    Responsible consumption calls for just less than 1 drink per hour. The more drinks you consume, the greater your risk. Having food in your body is key; and we recommend that you drink one full glass of water along with every drink you consume - this allows a dilution of the alcohol in your stomach.
  2. Quality of spirit
    We all understand you are going to feel very different during and after the $10 bottle of Tequila verses the $45 bottle of ‘silver’ 100% agave super-premium Tequila. One is a matter of pain for buzz and the other, hopefully, involves pleasure with appreciation of quality. Price driven distillates primary goal is quantity and low price; quality is not a major concern and short cuts are taken - these types of products are generally sweetened with sugar or glycerin to mask vast imperfections.
  3. Balance of the “Good, Bad and Ugly”
    Secondary components (toxic elements a.k.a. congeners) are the main reason for hangover.
    Good - they can add rich and delicate flavors to a spirit, like the oak, caramel, vanilla and toffee notes to a great Tequila or Scotch.
    Bad - these are toxic elements and must be controlled or limited.
    Ugly- distilled spirits are allowed by law to have a strong amount of these secondary components, i.e. Cachaça, according to Brazilian law - can have as few as 200mg per 100ml or a maximum of 650mg per 100ml; a BIG difference. Beleza Pura’s specialized distillation allows flavor and purity maximization with congener thresholds of around 225mg per 100ml.

A Note about SUGAR

Based on our research to date: Sugar is not the reason for hangovers. Sugar accelerates the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream; you feel it faster. It also masks a lower quality spirits imperfection and because it’s sweet, assists in over consumption. The hangover is primarily due to the quality of the alcohol, and secondarily from the quantity consumed.

A fine, handcrafted spirit always plays a balancing act between rich flavors, neutrality and impurities.

We care about your safety and those around you, please drink responsibly.

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