Cachaça Rochinha

Single Barrel from Rio de Janeiro

Rochina (`Ho-CHEEN-Yah’) Cachaças (Aged in Oak Barrels)

Handcrafted on a picturesque farm in Barra Mansa, Rio De Janeiro State since 1902. Exotic delights for connoisseurs of fine aged Rum & Scotch.

As featured in Esquire, Variety, NY Newsday,
Cigar Aficionado, and The Robb Report
“…mingles a sweet, spicy fruitiness with an overlay of wood smoke. Rochinha will put the bossa in your nova sipped over ice with a splash of soda, or send a Caipirinha very uptown.” Forbes

Cachaça Rochinha CachacasSince 1902, Cachaça Rochinha has employed the finest production methods and unparalleled attention to detail to produce Brazil’s top-rated single-barrel cachaças. Rochinha’s romantic distillery is located on an historic farm with a working mill in a mountain valley in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Excalibur has selected two of their finest offerings:

Aged 5 Yrs, 82 Proof

  • Double Gold Medal/Best Cachaça
    SF World Spirits Competition 2005

Aged 12 Yrs, 80 Proof

  • “Best in Class”
    Sao Paulo Exhibition 2005
  • Silver Medal
    International Cane Fest 2007

Rochinha’s 12 Year-Old Cachaça is exceptionally complex, with a palate that is reminiscent of the lush, smoky, peaty single malts of Scotland’s Islay. Only 1,200 bottles per year will make it to U.S. shores. The 5 Year-Old is notable for mellowness and a warm, smoky flavor.

The Process

The production of Cachaça Rochinha fuses time-honored tradition with the modern science of climate control and monitoring. All of the sugar cane used is cultivated and carefully selected at Rochinha’s farm. Only cane harvested in the previous 24 hours enters their mill, where skilled workers manually extract the juice from the course peel and pulp. After this labor-intensive and costly process, the pure juice is fermented for 18 to 30 hours, the exact time determined by the artisan’s precise monitoring of temperature and organic chemistry. The liquid is then distilled in a copper pot still (an alambic, the key to premium quality cachaça). The distillate is divided into three parts - the head, heart, and tail. Only the heart, the very purest element, is transferred to single oak casks and aged for up to 25 years. Finally, this ultra-refined, single barrel cachaça is bottled and sealed for distribution.

Cachaça Rochinha’s Home at Cachoeira Farm

Cachaça Rochinha is one of many premium agricultural products of the Cachoeira Farm in Rio de Janeiro’s beautiful Paraiba Valley. Built circa 1717 and named for the abundance of water and waterfalls on its lands, Cachoeira Farm was originally a coffee plantation. In 1871, equipment was added to mill sugar cane, and by 1902 this equipment was put to use in the manufacture of cachaça. Today the impeccably restored farm specializes in cattle breeding and the production of such milled products as brown sugar, traditional sweets like guava paste, and - of course - some of the nation’s finest cachaças.

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