Armazem Viera Cachaça

Solera Aged from Southern Brazil

Armazem Vieira Cachaças

Armazem Vieira ‘Ar-mah-ZEYN Vee-YAY-Rrah’ Cachaças

(Aged In Arririba Barrels)
80 Proof

  • Handcrafted in Santa Catarina, the island of Florianopolis
  • Aged in 10,000 liter barrels for minimum wood flavors, blended using a Solera system for optimal flavor.
  • Perfect on the rocks with a lime, with a splash of tonic, or in a caipirinha
  • …honey, citrus, and green olives…The palate is fresh with salad greens and lime.Cigar Aficionado

Excalibur has selected three of their finest offerings:

  • Esmeralda, Solera Aged 4 Yrs
    • “Gold Star of Exceptional Merit”Santé
    • “***Recommended” — F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal
  • Rubi, Solera Aged 8 Yrs
    • “***Recommended” — F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal
  • Onix, Solera Aged 16 Yrs
    • Bronze — International Cane Fest 07
    • Rated #2 Artisan Cachaça — Playboy Brazil

Located amid the Atlantic forest of Southern Brazil’s most picturesque island, where they have been making Cachaça for more than 160 years. Unique aromas and extreme attention to detail have earned these superior spirits an unmatched reputation with connoisseurs. Armazem Vieira’s Cachaça was rated #2 among hundreds of artisan producers by Brazilian Playboy magazine (August 2003).

The Process

Armazem Vieira follows the finest traditional methods and uses only choice sugarcane. The sugar cane juice is boiled and then sterilized in copper trays before regional wild yeast is added for fermentation. The resulting “wine” is distilled in a traditional copper pot still (alambique). Armazem Vieira is the product of the heart, the purest element of the distillate. The Cachaça is then aged for up to 20 years in barrels made from local Aririba wood, which imparts a unique color, bouquet, and taste. After this natural aging process is completed, the master distiller blends different aged barrels to create the optimal flavor profile for each product (via the Solera system). After blending, the Cachaça is filtered to guarantee clarity and purity, and bottled on site in transparent bottles that reveal the finished product’s depth and brilliance. The result is a rich, complex Cachaça of the highest quality.

Armazem Vieira Bar & Distillery

Armazem Viera’s name comes from the trading post, or “armazem,” built in 1840 by Sergio Vieira in Florianopolis, the state capital of Santa Catarina in Southern Brazil. Today, this historic building, which blends Masonic and Azorean architectural styles, contains the cellaring facilities for Armazem Vieira’s superior Cachaças as well as a unique Art Nouveaux bar. Situated on one of the first trails established on the island, the building was recognized as a historic landmark in 1984. A popular destination for tourists and locals, Armazem Vieira Bar offers fine regional cuisine, aged Cachaças, unique cocktails, and many cultural events.

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