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“How good is good cachaça? …a sommelier at NYC’s Gotham Bar & Grill, made it his mission to find out… Three years and 800 cachaças later, returned home to launch his Excalibur line of Cachaças…” Forbes

Excalibur Enterprise, Inc. is the first importer in the world to introduce a portfolio of handcrafted quality-driven cachaças. In 2004 we began operations in the Unites States and entered New Zealand in 2007. Our mission is to show that Brazil is not only capable of producing beautiful women, men, musicians, artists and soccer greats, but world-class spirits as well.

Excalibur Principal Olie Berlic (an award winning sommelier & cocktail fanatic) acted as a master blender and spent three years of intense research in Brazil. Tasting well over 800 different Cachaças before creating his own, Beleza Pura® to be the best-unaged cachaça, one that would not give you a hangover and be full of flavor. Along the way he discovered the world of cachaça and fine spirit, choosing 4 of Brazil’s most celebrated to import.
Looking forward to meeting the rest of the world, through drink and cheer, those of you with an appreciation for quality and respect for passionately produced libations.

Excalibur is also committed to giving back to Brazil, to learn more about how we help, click here.