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  • 2 oz Armazem Vieira Esmeralda, Rubi, or Onix
  • 3 oz tonic

Simple pleasures from Southern Brazil. Armazem Vieira and tonic over ice, even better with a squeeze of fresh lime

Wine Enthusiast: Buying Guide

Very Good - Recommended
Beleza Pura® Super Premium Cachaca (Brazil: Excalibur Enterprise Inc, NY, NY); 40% abv, $28.

An amazing experience of aromatic waves of beans, then raw sugar cane, black pepper, hemp and celery salt…Finishes semisweet and smooth.

Wine Enthusiast

Four Seasons Magazine: “Latin Reserves: Tropical Liquor gets an Upgrade”

By Ramin GaneshramCachaça: Once noted for its raw, high-octane taste, cachaça was Brazil’s most popular downmarket drink, selling for $1 to $3 a bottle. Today entrepreneurs like Olie Berlic of Beleza Pura® are experimenting with both process and ageing, using uunsual rainforests woods like Brazilian oak, umbarana, and balsam to create complex wood-toned flavours. Boutique versions leave behind a sweet sugary nose followed by an intense warmth and offer berry, caramel, cinnamon, and olive qualities. These can top out at $400 per bottle. The best brands of cachaça include Beleza Pura, Rochinha, and GRM. Look out for the São Paulo Cosmo from Olie Berlic, a version of the popular Cosmopolitan using Beleza Pura® instead of vodka and POM (pomegranate juice) in lieu of cranberry.

Globo Rural: Marvadas Chiques

Luis Roberto ToledoGlobo RuralThey aren’t simple pingas. Artisan, made from choice cane, aged and purified in wooden barrels. And now more than ever, they are in style: these are high quality cachaças.

Barra Mansa in Rio de Janeiro has been the home of Rochinha for 103 years. The “Special Reserve,” aged five years in cherry wood barrels and is exported to the US, and won the Double Gold prize among some of the world’s best spirits. Average Price: R$ 35 (15 USD)

Already distinguished by its packaging, GRM (Global Refined Flavor) is distilled in Araguari, Minas Gerais passes through a two-year aging process, migrating from jequitibá-rose, umburana, and carvalho (barrels). The Bronze is aged in jequitibá only, preserving more of the flavor of sugarcane. Prices range from $R150-135 (62-65 USD)

An icon in Florianopolis, the Armazem Vieira bar makes its own cachaças in the town of Antônio Carlos, Santa Catarina. There, they rest in araribá barrels: the Onix is aged 16 years, Terra, 12 years, Rubi, eight, Tradicional, 6, Esmeralda, 4, and Safire, 2. Prices range from $R25 (10 USD, Safire) to $R205 - (85 USD, Onix)

Pen Magazine: NEW YORK CACHAÇA!!

Pen Magazine
Read Pen Magazine Article (PDF)

Drinks International: Adding more than a touch of Brazilian spirit

Already boasting a Brazilian spirit prowess, the extravagantly named Excalibur Enterprises has added a hand-crafted Brazilian Cachaça to its portfolio, namely Beleza Pura, a super premium distillate priced at $27.99 retail. Currently the Excalibur range comprises three specialty spirits from three boutique producers, all from different regions. As a result production methods are not the same and nor are the taste profiles.Small batch production exudes accents of cinnamon, coconut and spices; raspberry and eau de vie, the solera-ranked spirit aged as in Armazem Vieira Esmeralda (four years), Rubi (eight years), and Onix (16 years). Single barrel Cachaças from Rochinha are produced in Rio de Janeiro, offering five year, and very limited 12 year distillates.

Promotion will focus on tasting events and cocktail recipe tie-ins in such venues as New York as Café des Artistes, Brasserio Caviar & Banana and Ono along with the F&B at Atlantic City’s Borgata, MIX in Las Vegas and Wynn Las Vegas.

Beleza Caipirinha
2 oz Beleza Pura® Cachaça
1/2 medium size lime
2 tbsp sugar or simple syrup
1 cup ice

Wash the lime gently under water and dry. Cut the half lime into 3-4 slices, place in a large rocks glass, add sugar or simple syrup, muddle gently to crush the fruit and add ice and Cachaça, and shake. For a twist on the traditional caipirinha, substitute lime with fresh raspberry, strawberry, kiwi, mango, passion fruit, pineapple, starfruit, orange, tangerine, fig, apple, plum, peach, or any fruit.

UM (Universo Masculino): Cachaça Chique

UMPinga is taking the world by storm with the caipirinha, but its much more than just an ingredient in a drink. A pure delight, its gaining ground, even as a compliment to sophisticated cuisine.

It goes down smoother than beer, it recalls fresh milled sugarcane with the scent, or rather aroma of pressed cane, has a delicate flavor, and builds the appetite of any good soul. Aurellio has 152 different names for the drink, each with an accent from the interior of Brazil. A worldwide fenomena, cachaça is the third most consumed spirit in the world, losing only to vodka and shoju (a Korean drink) according to Impact International, a US agency that gathers data on different forms of consumption around the planet.

The explanation for the success is simple: high quality aguardente doesn’t cause hangovers or unpleasant odors. “The aroma recalls milled sugarcane, and it goes down softly, without burning. The flavor is delicious, with fresh cane,” affirms Marcelo Câmera. A specialist in the area, he consults for small cachaça distilleries and major companies, he is also the author of the guide Cachaça-Prazer Brasileiro (Cachaça-Brazilian Pleasure), as well as a declared “cachaçalogist” (who studies) and a “pingofile (who drinks).

Aroma is an important characteristic in judging a high quality cachaça. White (or silver) cachaça should have only the scent of fresh cane, recalling brown sugar candy, without overwhelming the senses. Aged cachaças have a wider olfactory range (bouquet) but the essence of the plant should be present.

The oiliness also helps identify a high quality pinga. If the liquid holds to the edges of the glass and falls in little rivulets, it’s a good one. The liquid should be clear like water, without residue, whether it is white or aged….

Santé: Hybrid and New Spirits

Robert Plotkin
Sante Consumption of distilled spirits is at a five-year high, with no evidence of letup in sight. Many spirits enthusiasts not only are embracing the classic brands and styles, but are also seeking out new tastes, often present in cocktails made from an ever-increasing and dazzling medley of ingredients. To capitalize on these trends, suppliers have concocted a genuinely innovative and exciting generation of original spirits. For lack of industry parlance, we’re calling the contemporary hybrid spirits, and they’re likely to change the way we view once-conventional product categories….

On the off chance that you might have missed the initial fanfare surrounding their introduction, here are some of the boldest, most promising new spirits and liqueurs-guaranteed to grace your backbar.

Cachaça- The next spirits category poised to ignite is cachaça, a Brazilian spirit distilled from sugarcane… watch for the unaged superpremium Beleza Pura….


Reviewed by the Santé tasting panel.

Beleza Pura

40% alcohol
Clean, balanced, and tangy with vibrant lemon-lime flavors that persist through to the finish. With fruit juices and solda water. Excalibur Enterprise,

“DLSL (Dance/Love/Sing/Life): A 20th AIDS Walk Anniversary Benefit”

May 13, 2005 9:00 pm to May 14, 2005 3:00 am

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H7M, SugarCane films & Tria productions presentDJs Fabio Bill (Brazil) + Stephen Richards fire up
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May 26, 2005 9:00 pm to May 27, 2005 3:00 am

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FREE admission!

Funky afro brazilatina house
Shake it til 3amwith
DJs Sid ‘L Vaga + Sabo
live percussion by Nappy G

9-10pm: 2 for 1 caipirinhas
from Beleza Pura® Premium Cachaça

Come early for amazing tapas and cocktails in the relaxed elegance and sidewalk seating at this favorite Meat Packing District lounge. Stay late and get your groove on with funky music to make you feel good!

No dress code; come as you are. Wear your dancing shoes…

About Tesão
A beautiful brazilian girl once described the word Tesão as “something that is so good you just have to take a big juicy bite out of it”. The music we play- a fusion of funky house and breaks influenced by Latin, Brazilian, African, dub, and disco sounds - accompanied live percussive rhythms, creates an irresistibly hot and sexy vibe. People are drawn to the captivating beats and lose themselves in the sweaty groove on the dancefloor. The Tesão crew consists of Djs Sid L’Vaga and Sabo, with percussionist Nappy G adding rhythms. Together they have been holding weekly and monthly events around NYC at venues like Table 50, Sutra, and private loft events.

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