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Playboy: The 28 Best Cachaças of Brazil

Cristina Bielecki

Playboy ReviewCachaça is the only drink that is considered truly Brazilian: like wine in France and rum in the Carribean. Along with samba and women, this spirit is a part of Brazilian identity. The effort to improve the image of cachaça abroad has raised quality and consumption here in Brazil. Sophisticated bars often have cachaça lists that include the region, harvest, and aging; a single serving can cost as much as 35reais (10 USD)…..

Premium cachaças belong to a category of spirits that receive the same treatment as fine wine. Production is limited, some bottles are numbered, and the process is rigorously controlled…..

We put together a team of experts to evaluate the best selling Cachaças in Brazil. The Cachaças were judged on the basis of visual characteristics, aroma, and palette…

#1 GRM Cachaça - Minas Gerais
#2 Armazem Vieira - Florianopolis

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